Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update to 2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry

I tweaked the ROS section of history to have a complete list of systems, and better prompts.

I also modified the file names so that they have the date on them.  I will leave old versions up, to reduce possible confusion.  I'll try to remember to update the original post (at so that it links to the blog entry for the latest update.

I'm making progress on the form for sessions/encounters and I hope to post it soon.

2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry pdf version
2013 CPT Codes for Psychiatry .doc version for revision/remixing; more info with original post at


  1. Eagerly awaiting your new form for sessions but not completely sure how I would code my own mental status on this issue! Thank you very much for your efforts to clarify, untangle, improve and facilitate!

  2. Sorry for not being clear, I posted it in a later entry, and you can also get to it via the URL